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We offer instrumentation solutions to optimize variety of processes in Geothermal Power Plant. These solutions are:

  1. Field Instruments( Pressure Transmitter 2. Level Transmitter 3. Temperature Transmitter 4.Pressure Gauge 5. Temperature Gauge 6. Temperature Controller 7. Universal Controller 8. Recorders )
  2. Flow Meters: ( Magnetic Flow Meter 2. Vortex Flow Meter 3. Mass Flow Meter 4. Variable Area Flow Meter 5. Ultrasonic Flow Meter 6.Tharmal Mass Flowmeter 7. Turbine Flowmeter)
  3. Valves:( Ball Valves 2. Butterfly Valves 3. Rotary Control Valves 4. Linear Control Valves 5.Severe Service Control Valves 6. Gate Valves 7. Globe Valves 8.Check Valves 9. Plug Valves )
  4. Pumps:( Overhung Pumps 2.Between bearings Pumps 3 Vertical Pumps 4. Positive displacement Pumps 5. Side Channel 6. Specialty Products )
  5. Boiler:( Biomass Boiler 2. Jute Boiler 3. Oil & Gas Boiler 4. Waste Heat Recovery Boiler 5. Feed Water Tank System 6. Boiler Blowdown Control System)
  6. Steam Engineering:  ( Steam Traps 2. Strainers 3. Steam Humidifiers 4. Moisture Separator 5. Temperature control system 6. Safety relief valve.)
  7. Thermal Engineering: (1.Burners 2.Heat Exchangers 3. Air and Fuel Supply Component 4. Shutoff and Control Valve 5.Ignition/ Supervision component 6. Burner control System 7.UV Flame Detection System)
  8. Gas Products & Solutions🙁 Turbine Meter 2. Ultrasonic Flow Meter 3. Mass Flow meter 4. Household Meter 5. Commutator 6. Pressure reducing valve, 7. Regulates 8. RMS 9. DRS )
  9. Process CONTROLS: (1.PLC 2. DCS 3. HMI 4. Controllers)
  10. Process Analytical: (SOx and NOx 2. Dissolve Oxygen 3.Online Oxygen Analyzer 4. Insitu Multi Gas Analyzer 5. Flue Gas Flow Motion 6. Online CO Gas Analyzer 7. Opacity/Dust Monitor 8. DO & PH Analyzer)
  11. Predicative Maintenance: (Online Vibration Monitoring 2. Portable Vibration Monitoring)

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